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0000028O3 ShopGeneralpublic2023-04-13 00:37
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Summary0000028: Basic configuration is loaded from environment variables
DescriptionThe basic configuration (path, url, database, ...) should be stored in environment variables instead of In the standard shop, these come from a .env file supplied. The remains as before, but instead of the concrete data it only contains references to the env settings.

Why all this?:

- In installations, logic may be required in the config file. This means it should be in the backup, but it can't be because of the credentials. Env decouples all this.
- The env variables can also be defined directly on the server's operating system and overload the settings of the .env file. This allows the identical installation to be rolled out at different stages (dev, staging, production) without adjustments. This is relevant for (automatic) deployments of larger installations.

Nothing changes in the installation process. The setup only writes the collected data somewhere else. Nothing changes for the shop operator either.
Additional InformationAdditionally, all configuration settings of the shop and the modules could optionally be loaded from the Env settings (instead of the shop's config table)
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